Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Isolated State

The war between Israel and Hamas in Gaza has entered its 23rd day and while the death toll is fast rising, it is becoming obvious that Israel is suffering not just the death of 53 soldiers but a diplomatic hit. Just recently the states of El Salvador, Peru and Chile recalled their envoy to protest the Hamas operation tagged "Protective Edge".

Despite claims of restraint from the Israeli Defense Force and strong diplomacy from the Israeli foreign ministry, a huge majority of the world's view about the conflict has not and most probably will not changed. They basically see Israel as the aggressor against unarmed civilians. Sadly Israel is becoming increasing isolated.

But wait, has Israel ever being not isolated? My answer is No. Any discussion on Israel in UN and her numerous agencies seems to be the best time for free speech. Everyone comes to the party and ignores calamities and gross human right violations in other parts of the world. Most ironic was a condemnation of Israel from the Syrian foreign ministry.

Before the state of Israel was born, Jews were isolated. After the birth in 1948, they have fought off existential threats without a single foreign boot on ground and even right now seem alone in the global fight against terrorism. When the former Egyptian President, Abdel Nasser stated the single objective of the Arab allied forces' invasion of the nascent state in 1948 as "driving them to the sea", all the UN offered was a statement. Notable however, It most not be forgotten that the most ardent Israel defender in the UN security council - US even distance itself from Israel on threats of oil embargo in 1973.

Today, Israel fights an enemy sworn to her destruction and while the world ignores the Hamas charter, they remember their children. The world looks at the other way in Syria, but reacts to every details in Gaza. The world claims Gaza is full of innocent civilians and ignores the 2600+ rockets into Israel. The world ignores the reports of rockets found in UN compounds but is upbeat when such compounds take a hit. The world sympathizes with pictures of Gaza children truly suffering but don't ask about the underground structures that exposes the children.

Certainly when it comes to Israel, expect the world to ask the wrong questions.

The only country whose existence is constantly threatened by fellow UN member states is truly isolated. When the chips are down, Israel is all Israel has and most begin to prepare for more to come. Whether it be destiny, by accident or some prophecies at work, Israel is not going off this hook so soon unless they accept a military defeat in which case would mean the end of the Jewish state.

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