Tuesday, August 5, 2014

New precedence

Many practices or actions considered normal in life today were actually very rare and possibly very unacceptable in times past. But a single action from one person, state or non-state entity could prove pivotal in societal acceptance of the such practices. While some are these changes very good and welcomed, others should not have been allowed to happen. Example of these kinds of changes brought upon the world by precedence cut across all spectra from the official abolition of slave trade to the now prevalent urban warfare.

The most recent conflict between Israel and Gaza which currently enjoying its first day of rest in the past 29 days has taken the lives of almost 2000 persons with about 6000 more injured. Quite a number of new patterns have emerged. Here are some of my observations:

A new twist to urban warfare is emerging. 
While Hamas was able to hold their nerves against a more superior IDF, they did it thanks a great number of civilian deaths and a world who was ready to put pressure on Israel and not Hamas.
Even though a similar thing is happening in Syria and now Libya, the world is implicitly setting a precedence that should a non-state entity put civilians at risk in a bid to achieve military survival, they will not be accountable instead the state entity-side of the conflict should be the one who really accounts for the war crime.

Knock on the roof.
Is it only me but I have never heard another army in any other conflict use this tactics in a bid to minimize civilian deaths. While it does not look like Israel will not be applauded, this is a precedence for other. Syria had the chance to do this and still does. The US has the chance to do this in Afghanistan and Ukraine also in their battle against pro-Russia separatists. The bottom line is that civilians should not be put in the line as much as possible.

Social Warfare
There seem to have been as much vicious fight on the electronic front as much as they was on the battle field.  The difference is that no one will die typing or chanting words on Facebook, Youtube, Viber, Twitter, Discus and the likes. However, it is clear that no other war seems so contested on the social media front like this one, not even Syrian war with about ten times more deaths.

Arab protest in western cities
From Washington DC to Sydney, New York to Paris, London to Toronto, anti-Israeli protests (sometimes violent) raged. I finally figured that the west is doing something they may regret with each passing Arabs conflicts - immigrating Arab refugees. While I might sound unsympathetic, the western character of the west is soon turning to an Arab character. A typical scenario is the violent protest in France where young Arab-looking youths were throwing stones as though it was a middle east scene. And you know what? The press tagged them as French.
Surprisingly, there was not a single televised protest in China or Russia. Does it tells us something?

Either side will try claiming victory but most nations that cheered or protested should note that what happens far away soon comes home and it will be hypocrisy to behave in a way they protested when it was Israel or Hamas fighting. We should mostly be judged tomorrow by the stands we took today.

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