Friday, November 28, 2014

Justice for Michael Brown??

"I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character."    - Martin Luther King Jr.

Above are the words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., still revered, still heard, still remembered. But how soon tides have turned and the world right now and more so the main stream media do the opposite of what they claim to stand for.

Justice for Michael Brown - the violence, protest and even looting in the name of seeking

Justice for the killing of Michael Brown no longer looks like a pursuit of Justice. Rather it should be plainly called a pursuit of arrest and charging of officer Wilson. 
Having made all evidence public, the pursuit of justice should have been more peaceful, passionate and yet calculated. Now the message of seeking justice appears in two folds
  1. Down with the US justice system
  2. Arrest, Charge and ultimately convict officer Darren Wilson.
Anything outside these two goal does not seem to meet the definition of Justice for the protesters.

Hands Up, Don't Shoot - a new cliche propagated by protesters that is supposed to represent Michael's attitude minutes before his demise. While all evidence suggest that this is not the case, world media and sympathizers still feel they can suppress evidence by protest. In very clear terms, Michael did not humble himself before a law enforcer. If he did, we will never have heard about him. See video here

Gentle Giant - These are the two words many of his family and friends used to described him. He was one

sort of a hero. A man will all should admire and seek to be like. But not long afterwards, the video of his theft and assault surfaced. And while people may decry this as character assassination, they cannot refute that it happened, I am compelled to want to ask if it was the same thing he was trying on a law enforcer.

Lesley McSpadden in a fight? Yes... something world press will not like us to talk about. But the mother of the victim got in a fight over sales of what? Sales of "Justice for Michael Brown" t-shirts. I think we should talk less about her as she is grieving but just before taking her case to the UN, this woman actually had the strength to fight ... her ex-mother-in-law and make away with almost $2,000 worth of cash and merchandise.... And in public? And now, she could be charged with felony armed robbery. See the story according to New York Daily News

Victim mentality - people are falling for the same trick that works mostly in the 21st century. If you can paint yourself however as the victim, you can get away with almost anything. The general picture on this saga is that the cop was the aggressor and Michael was the victim. Any counter evidence seems not welcome anymore.

US in the spotlight - having championed civil and human right around the world for decades, the US is coming scrutiny regardless of the facts. Many foreign-sponsored press houses and even US local media houses are ready and eager to paint it bad anyway. Foreign ministry of countries like Russia, Egypt, Iran and even North Korea have issued statement directly at the US. Sincerely, I think they want to see more on the streets of the US.

Geo-political effects: The more recent attempt to link happenings in Ferguson to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been taken up by Arab-sponsored media and more so the BDS movement. The intention is to paint the Palestinians as being the in the positions as the black community in Ferguson (victim mentality) in a bid to shore up support for their resistance against Israel. Media houses like Qatari-sponsored Al Jazeera and their America studio, Iranian-sponsored Press TV and Kremlin-sponsored RT amongs others have highlighted some information that the Israeli military trained the Ferguson police, in other words, the Ferguson community is under occupation just as Palestinians say they are under occupation.

If the people of Ferguson want to have peace, they should rather insist on debates and present counter evidence to support their claim. Their witness must grow from the kind of people they always brought on air who gave not just conflicting accounts but have themselves proved incredible, example of which is Dorian Johnson. I believe they would have justice this way rather than cry justice on the basis of race and discrimination. Many whites have been killed by black shooting and none of such was attributed to race. It should be common sense that the black see things the same way.

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